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Twitter analogy

I was out for coffee the other day with a non-tweeting friend. “So what’s Twitter actually like?” she asked.

I ummed and ahhed, and explained it all very badly, mumbling some fairly dry stuff about retweets and hashtags and follows. She didn’t look convinced. So I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

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why i love what i do…

Watch the clip below and then come back to read my blog!

Amazing isn’t it. The ad is completely made up of all the right ingredients… emotions, dreams, passion, care, wonder, excitement, journey, you name it… It’s the stuff that movies can never explain, but that is so well captured in a minute or two of your life. And once you’re done watching it, you can’t but not stand in awe of this man’s determination to understand at what it is his son is excelling in… The love of parent far exceeds the measures of the mind, I also say.

And you can also but not feel humbled in that you are 1. able to read this here blog, because you were so lucky to receive an education that (even though you resisted it at first) taught you values of reading a book; and 2. that in some way or the other, you can relate to this dream that this old man had. He wanted to succeed at something, he wanted to be more than what he was even at his old age. . . and I believe we all have that dream. . . whether we’re consciously chasing it, or whether it’s lying dormant waiting for the day your soul awakens to our passion. 

And this is why I love my job. . . I used to work in the primary school section of a Montessori school and saw the battle that so many kids had with understanding and getting the English language under the belt. For most of them it came easy, but there were one or two that really struggled with putting the concepts together and making words from it. Then I moved into ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) for a while, and now, now I work in training and development, that touches the lives of adults in a profound manner, other than sitting in a classroom each day. It explores real-life, real-work scenarios and takes them into the field of understanding that builds on the experiences that they bring into the classroom. 

Training and development is what I love to do! And, must I add, I do think I have the neck for it too. It comes naturally, logically, sometimes even too easy… but what is the most rewarding is seeing my work and effort in effect. And unlike working with kids, the gratification of working with adults is almost instantaneous. Like in the case of this gentleman. Going to ABET classes in South Africa is a big accomplishment for many South Africans. Years of education was lost to them due to apartheid, but now there are real efforts being done by hard-working teachers, facilitators, instructors, counsellors etc. who want to empower a nation through education. And working with adults in training and development, even though it’s not in the strict ABET sense, still provides adults the opportunity of improving their skills, talents, and work ethic. You see the product of the seeds that you planted when you presented them with training materials of whatever nature. 

I am of the few happy people on this planet that can truly say, I enjoy what I do. It inspires me to see how many individuals put themselves out there in training sessions, even though it might be a stretch and a half for them to be there in the first place. And what I truly enjoy is the vast amount of different things that each person knows! They know more than what they often times give credit to themselves for, and more often than not they will find that the answer to find the dream is lying somewhere very close to the surface.

We so often tend to think of adults as people who have learnt all that there is to learn, and that once they’ve been through school, or college, or university that the thirst for knowledge stops. Well, I can honestly tell you that if you have ever googled something, the thirst is still there (how remotely it may be.) Whether it for doing a DIY project, or on how to write a blog, or on how to fix your car’s broken fan belt, or whom the first president of Malawi was, the strive to always know more is what makes us human.

I just sometime wish that we would use that thirst for the better, for allowing others to succeed in their goals and dreams, and to make our planet a safer, cleaner, greener and more friendly place to live. I hope to do that I my workshops. And through my materials, my facilitation and definitely through the lives that inspire me in training sessions.

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